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The Alchemy of Self-Worth: Transmuting Shadows into Light with Sue Bryce

"Every shot I take, every person I meet, I see a mirror of my own vulnerabilities," said Sue Bryce, her words echoing down the halls of the global TEDx stage.

This profound realization forms the cornerstone of her transformative talk: "Changing Perspective from Shame to Self-Worth." It’s a journey that strikes a deeply emotional chord and connection with her audience, both as a personal narrative and a universal anthem of resilience.

Sue Bryce, renowned worldwide for her exceptional portraiture and for building an 8-figure online education business, explains how she once carried the weight of self-doubt and worthlessness. Her story begins with her as a high-school dropout, feeling insufficient and worthless, with these negative feelings being reflected back to her by the world.

“My story isn't an easy one to share, but it's vital. Vital because it's not just my story. It's the story of countless others who struggle with self-doubt, with the feeling of not being enough.”

But a fire ignited when she turned 18 - an intense passion for photography. Through the growing pains of self-discovery, she uncovered her life’s path, and her language of choice: the interplay of light and shadows.

She immersed herself in photography for a decade, tirelessly honing her craft. This period of devotion took her from a novice to an internationally acclaimed portrait photographer. She came to realize that her camera was not just a piece of equipment, but a portal into the depths of the human soul, revealing the vulnerabilities of those she photographed. However, the realization brought with it uncertainty about what lay ahead.

Sue Bryce speaks on stage at Pepperdine University's TEDx Event
Photograph by Gerson Lopes

“At 23, I was photographing high-profile individuals, people who inspired me, who elevated me. But I had no confidence, I didn’t have control over my money, and not having an education led to not valuing myself, even though the value of my craft was evident."

In the talk, she opens up about those deep fears of failure, stemming from her parents' own experiences. Even with her undeniable talent, the worry of failing in her business venture gripped onto her conscience. She emphasizes the transformative power of questioning our fears, staying aware, and observing our thoughts. She warns against numbing the pain of our past stories, urging us to face our fears and rewrite the narratives of our lives.

Her journey stands as a testament to the power of self-worth and the courage to embrace our true selves.

Sue Bryce speaks on stage at Pepperdine University's TEDx Event
Photograph by Gerson Lopes

Bryce's powerful message of self-worth extends beyond her TEDx Talk, resonating in her latest venture, Self Value ( This membership-based platform aims to empower its members by helping them reframe their self-perception and see themselves in a new light. It offers valuable resources such as Power Talks, deep-dive videos on each topic, online and in-person workshops, and a global community to connect with others. All these offerings aim to challenge limiting beliefs and foster self-love, self-acceptance, and personal growth.

Sue's own personal experiences, victories, and failures illuminate the path for her followers. She teaches how self-worth manifests in every aspect of our lives - our careers, finances, relationships, bodies, and souls.

"Self Value is the workshop that I searched for my entire adult life.I dreamed of this workshop because I so desperately needed to learn this. It is the result of more than 21 years of self-value conversations that I’ve had with thousands of clients. But mostly it’s the work that changed my life and I’m so excited and privileged to bring this content to you.”

Sue Bryce’s story is one of unwavering resilience, courage, and authenticity that reminds us that we hold the power to transmute our darkest shadows into radiant light.


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